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Free Loan Modification Service
Viewpoint Mortgage offers Free Loan Modification assistance. 

Viewpoint Mortgage Inc has been in business for over 30 years now. We offer many different mortgage loan services. From Bridge loans to cure your delinquent mortgage, to a simple refinance. We understand that there are many homeowners facing hardship due to high interest mortgages, personal family matters, or just been laid off. And for all distressed property homeowners, we have launched a Free Loan Modification Dept. with experts in processing/negotiating all mortgage situations. 

To all distressed property homeowners. There is help around the corner. The best way to better your current situation is to act fast and find out about all your options available ASAP. The more you wait without any knowledge of the situation, the deeper the hole gets. Ask all your questions to someone who can answer them honestly and accurately. There are no obligations in asking for options. But sooner you talk to an experience agent who can explain what is behind all the doors, the more options you will have. We have seen many homeowners lose their properties by doing nothing. There has been multiple incidents where the homeowners  lost equity. We have seen people loss up to $400,000.00 because they were convinced they can get top dollar and walk away with money in their pocket. It is VERY IMPORTANT to do your research in selecting an agent who is experienced in working with a property with a NOD filed. Ask the questions, Get the answers you need.
First, You must conquer your fears. For many homeowners, the frustration in unable to make their mortgage payment will bring fear and stress. Stress of phone calls from collectors, mails piling up, not knowing what to do. We want to assure you that the fastest way to feel relief when you are behind in your mortgage payments is to act quickly. What you must avoid is the "F" (Foreclosure) Once the banks file a NOD on your property, the property can be foreclosed very soon.
The NOD filed on your property is shared with public records. Please be aware of scams and frauds that have been around since the Bubble popped. Agents and Loan Mod shops have been calling to these homeowners to get paid in exchange for the homeowners to be able to reside in the property for a certain period of time. They use different approaches. Some say they will do the Loan Modification for a lower interest payment, but has a upfront fee, or monthly fees, some will just say pay us X amount to live in the property of X amount of time. Bankruptcy scams to postpone sale dates. ETC…Not only is this illegal, these scam artist will leave you dry once the FBI starts to bang on their doors. There have been many Loan Mod Shops that open their doors get 1000s of clients with upfront or monthly fees, and relocate once they feel the heat. PLEASE BE AWARE.
If Loan Modification is what you are seeking, we are here to help you with this important step. We will negotiate with your current lender to see if you can qualify of any of their programs. They can lower interest rate, monthly payments, or just extend the term of the loan.

Please contact us for a free no obligation 30minute counseling session. Whatever the situation might be, we are a team of experts who will answer all you question honestly, and provide all options accordingly to your situation.  
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